How Technology Can Help You Attract More Talent

In the last few years, we’ve seen a shift in the workforce and recruiting strategies for companies trying to attract more talent. As a business, you want to ensure you build a strong team of individuals who are happy working for you. If you’re wondering how you can start leveraging technology in your recruiting strategy, here are a few ideas employed by different companies.

Attract More Talent with Automation for Better Reach

Automation in your recruiting strategy can make your hiring process more efficient. When conjuring the best approach to find and bring on new talent, consider what steps you can automate. Automation can help you make specific tasks in your recruitment workflow automatic, giving your hiring team some time to spend on more hands-on tasks like interviewing.

With business automation, you can streamline hiring and recruitment to automatically process certain tasks like application reviewal, track important metrics like your ROI and engagement scores, and use bots to collect important information and engage applicants.

Attract More Talent with Gamification of Recruiting

Gamification is when gaming elements are applied to other activities, such as marketing. Gamification can include principles such as point scoring, creating competition among participants, rules of play, and more. Gamifying your recruiting strategy can help build engagement with your campaigns and give you a better return on your investment in your hiring initiatives.

Gamifying your recruiting strategy to attract new talent can look like quizzes or tests applicable to the position you’re hiring for. After a candidate sends in their application, consider responding with some activity that can help you get a better sense of who the applicant is. Not only does completing the activity show the candidate’s motivation and desire to be brought onto the team, but it can also be a way to highlight each candidate’s skills so you can find the right person for the job.

Use Analytics to Find the Best Team Members

Recruitment analytics is when you search and identify common patterns amongst your data and use your findings in your search for candidates, highlighting key candidates’ skills and hiring and onboarding them onto your team. It’s no secret that data is important, especially for businesses. But did you know that you can use data to weed through your pool of job candidates?

Using data analytics, you can find candidates with the skills and personality you’re looking to bring onto your team. To leverage data in your recruiting strategy, develop a list of researched keywords that apply to the position you’re hiring for. While some of your analytics processes will need a pair of human eyes on them at various points, much of the process of data collection is automatic.

Social media is not only a powerful marketing tool for businesses to use to show off their products, but it’s also a way to show that not only is your company an awesome place to work, but you’re also hiring! By now, your business likely has a few social media accounts, and how you interact and each platform depends on your type of business. You can leverage your different social media profiles in your recruiting and hiring strategies.

To use your social media profiles to attract new talent for your business, consider showing off your company culture on your profile. By showing how great a place your organization is you can organically attract new talent. Get in on conversations that people you want to work for you are participating in, and get your employees involved in this. By getting everyone involved, from your operational employees to your marketing team and hiring team, and work together on a strategy that can help you reach your hiring initiatives.

Use Technology to Improve Experiences

Technology not only can help in your recruitment strategy but can also work to improve the experience for employees. By leveraging technology in your day-to-day operations, you can reduce some of the more menial, monotonous tasks, giving your employees some time back to work on more exciting and intriguing projects.

Technology can also be used to promote engagement across your different teams, instilling more collaborative opportunities between team members. Technology can also harness better synergy across your different departments, allowing all your moving parts to work together seamlessly. Using technology within your company makes performing a job’s duties easier, allowing your employees to innovate with the newfound block of time.

To create a better experience for your employees, consider using tools that can make requesting PTO easier, tools to help employees track time, money transfer services, online learning platforms, project progress, and more. By ensuring your company is a great place to work, you help attract new talent who are taking note of how awesome it must be to work for your company.

Supporting Employee Learning and Development

If you’re hoping to build a team of employees who feel passionate about your business and work to serve its growth, you need to equally serve the employees who join your team. More than ever, employees aren’t just looking for benefits and a good salary, but they want to grow and develop in their careers, learning new skills that can help them build a better future for themselves.

Luckily, there are tons of ways you can implement learning and development among your employees. Consider offering employees training from other departments at your company to give them insight into how your company’s different moving parts work together and promote synergy. You can also offer learning opportunities through a variety of online learning platforms. Linkedin learning, webinars, Skillshare, and online certificate programs, are just a few of the online educational platforms available to individuals and companies.

Remember to show off all the learning opportunities available at your company to employees in your recruitment marketing strategy and your job listings. This will show that you care about your employees and want to support their growth, similar to how they support yours.

Leveraging Technology in Hiring

New technology is unveiled every day in the hopes that they’re the next big tool for companies to utilize. Technology has many benefits, including helping companies build a better recruiting strategy. By leveraging technology in your hiring, you can find the talent you’re looking for and ensure you have all the offerings to reduce turnover. With some of these tips in mind, how will you implement tech into your recruiting strategy?