How Technology Will Change Accounting in the Next Five Years

All professions experience significant change when advances in technology enter the picture. However, technology is affecting few professionals as significantly as accountants. 

The old-timey introduction of computers and accounting software transformed the accounting profession. And today’s accounting work is far different from what occurred a few decades ago. 

Pencils, green bar paper, and printed ledger books are dusty relics these days more likely to be seen in a museum than in an office. 

Significant changes coming for accountants from technological advances aren’t finished yet, either. 

Embracing change and preparing for it can make your accounting department healthier and in a prime position to work more efficiently.

How has technology improved accounting?

Certainly, accountants haven’t embraced new technology just for the sake of being trendy. (Although we all know accountants love being extremely fashionable in all aspects of their lives.) 

Accountants embrace new technologies because they provide advantages. Computers and accounting

How Technology Helps Build More Accessible Workplaces

Read on to learn how the latest technologies are helping to build more inclusive and accessible workplaces.

Accessibility is a hot topic among business leaders and employees around the globe. Those championing accessibility ensure that all their employees feel cared for and are treated fairly at work.

However, accessibility is about more than mobility aids and reasonable accommodations. Genuinely accessible workplaces use new technology to build workspaces where employees can flourish.

Today, technology like robotics, automation, and VR intersect with accessibility to give employees the support they need to overcome challenges and reach new heights in their careers. In this article, we explore how technologies help to build more accessible workplaces.

The Internet of Things and More Accessible Workplaces

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that describes the network between devices that connect to the internet. Laptops, PCs, smartphones, smart speakers, and even some TVs are connected to

Custom-Built vs. WordPress Themes – ITChronicles

Are you debating between a custom-built vs. WordPress themes for you website? Read on to learn some of the pros and comes of both.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and one of the best tools for building websites. t has two variants, via and, each with different uses to some extent.

With WordPress, you can use a plethora of themes and customizations to build unique designs and custom-built WordPress websites. Also, you can choose among hosting providers and different plans, which will help you have greater control over your web compared to typical website builders.

Growth of WordPress Development with the Latest Statistics 

  • As of 2022, WordPress remains one of the best tools for building websites, powering 42.9% of the web. 
  • WooCommerce (The best eCommerce plugin for WordPress) powers around 7% of all eCommerce websites and has a market share of around 25% of the top

Self-supervised Learning – The Pros and Cons

Self-Supervised Learning (SSL) models have a lot of potential, but their downsides deserve attention, too.

Machine learning is a fast-moving field, with new, exciting innovations emerging all the time. This rapid advancement quickly produces solutions to pressing issues, but it also makes it easy for technologies to gain serious momentum before people fully understand them. Self-supervised learning (SSL) is one such technology.

In SSL, models train themselves by using one part of their data to predict and label others. It works similarly to unsupervised learning but focuses on drawing conclusions from information rather than clustering or grouping.

With 59% of global executives accelerating their investments in ML, it’s important to take a step back to understand these technologies before fully embracing them. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of self-supervised learning.

Pros of Self-Supervised Learning

The world’s rising interest in SSL is understandable. This technology offers several

What to Consider When Choosing a Remote Work Phone System

If you’re wondering what a remote work phone system is and how it will revolutionize your work life, then you’ve come to the right place.

The pandemic upended, amongst other things, the ritual of the office space. All of a sudden, remote working became commonplace. But although life has started to return to normal (whatever that is), don’t expect everyone to rush back to the office just yet.

Working from home—or wherever you happen to be that day—has proven to be a boon to companies everywhere. Lower overheads, higher productivity, and increased flexibility are among the myriad benefits that working virtually can offer.

But to get the most out of remote working, it’s crucial for the individual’s working space to be optimized. Don’t worry—we’re not talking about installing adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs all over the place. But without a shadow of a doubt, you need to invest in a