Five Ways to Get More Out of Cloud Hosting

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Your organisation’s digital identity is what separates you from the competition and helps you withstand the fierce competition. To operate a website successfully, hosting will be one of the most critical factors. Your website hosting service provider will ensure that your databases are saved & backed-up, website security is optimum, and your website is up and running 24*7. So, it is crucial for you to select the best hosting technology available. 

A Cloud Web Host is the best option available at the moment, both in terms of technology and features offered. A Cloud Host stores data across multiple servers, which can be accessed in case of primary server failure. This ensures that your website gets maximum up-time, loads quickly, survive specific server malfunction and is capable of handling increased traffic. Besides, there are several steps you can take to get more out of your Cloud Hosting.     

Here are some ways a business can get more out of Cloud Hosting:

Minimise Third-Party Assets: Websites often use widgets, fonts, tracking scripts, advertising, etc. which rely on the third party to load. These assets can reduce the performance of your website as a third-party server could be unreliable. Reducing the number of such third-party content can significantly improve the performance of your website. 

Caching: Caching is used to reduce the number of queries that are directed at your server so as to reduce the loading time. Caching creates a static HTML version of your site which are then used to send back information, rather than sending the query to the servers. Pages such as ‘Contact Us’ or ‘About Us’ are ideal candidates for caching. Some hosting providers offer Varnish Caching, which has the potential to increase the speed of your website by up to 100x.

Optimise Content: Images and other media which are utilised to improve the user experience on the website also tend to slow down the site. Images and other rich media take longer to load slowing down the website. One needs to reduce the number of images and optimise the rest without compromising the quality. Caching the image will also result in better loading time.

Content Delivery Network: A Content Delivery Network or CDN is a perfect tool to increase the loading time of your website. A CDN replicates the content, media, database, etc. of your website on servers spread across the globe. When a user visits your website, the server closest from that location will return the response resulting in faster loading time. 

MySQL Queries: If you do not see a significant increase in the loading time of your website after utilising all the above steps, you might want to run MySQL queries. The coding team can check if it takes more time for MySQL queries which could be an indication of long loading time for the website. 

While Cloud Hosting is in itself very powerful and capable of giving an edge to your business, you can further leverage the power of clouds using the above-mentioned ways. Optimising your website and hosting will ensure that you are making the most out of your resources and reducing the loading time of your website as much as possible. A combination of Cloud Hosting and these optimisation techniques can do wonders for your website.