Is IT Staff Augmentation The Way To Expand Your Development Team

Due to a scarcity of tech talent, businesses may find it challenging to complete a development project on time. When the deadline is approaching, hiring another full-time expert team player may not be viable. In this case, you would need to make a wise decision by utilizing staff augmentation companies.

You’ve probably heard a lot about IT staff augmentation but aren’t sure how it differs from outsourcing or other team extension methods. This article explains all you need to know about IT staff augmentation and how it can benefit your existing development team.

What Is Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is the temporary use of outside personnel to supplement your organization’s capacity.  Staff augmentation is a contractual outsourcing service known for supplementing the in-house development team. IT staff augmentation services must consider the existing team’s strengths and capabilities, as well as the skills that are required. An organization can easily hire employees and manage teams using this resource fulfillment strategy.

Choosing the Best IT Staff Augmentation Model

Depending on their needs, most organizations use a combination of providers. When considering IT staff augmentation solutions, the most important thing to consider is what you want to achieve and what is most important. Prioritizing cost, for example, will be unrealistic if you are looking for an expert in machine learning (a highly in-demand skill today).

With various staff augmentation models available to organizations, it’s critical to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each arrangement before making a decision.

Before proceeding, you should define IT staff augmentation service types that best meet your company’s needs. There are two types of SA. If the in-house team is unavailable or there is a high demand for developers, the short-term type is popular for small projects. The long-term one is used to fill a skill gap, reduce the time required for in-house staff employment, or save money; it is appropriate for long-term projects. There are three sub-categories of the staff aug model:

Commodity: Your project requires dependable specialists with no specific skill set for manufacturing or warehouse work, physical labor, etc.

Skill-based: You need a dependable team to complete tasks that require specific skills (like spreadsheet use, typing, etc.)

Highly skilled: More advanced skills can only be acquired through extensive training and experience, both of which are required.

Key Benefits Of IT Staff Augmentation

Do you want to grow your IT team by utilizing n IT staff augmentation model? Are you still confused about whether or not to use staff augmentation? So, here are the key advantages of staff augmentation.

Lesser HR Formalities

You can avoid the necessary recruitment and HR formalities and focus more on your business goals because there is no complete transfer of responsibilities for the staff here. In practice, professionals from outside sources supplement the team of full-time experts.

Outsourced specialists are assigned to work on their client’s premises to complete a specific project. On the other hand, the model can be easily scaled up or down. You can reduce the number of external employees or increase the number of external employees.

Add Expertise & Experience to the Team

You may already have a team with employees who lack specialized knowledge and experience. By bringing on external staff, you can now hire some trained and skilled professionals with adequate project exposure and experience.

When you hire experienced professionals at the mid-and senior level you can eliminate the need for training and skill development programs. You can simply delegate projects to staff augmentation companies and set clear expectations for the project’s outcome.

Incorporate the Most Needed Development Skills

You may require experts for a specific development project or professionals for the entire business operation. In any of these cases, you can simply hire the necessary skills to complete your project using staff augmentation consultation services.

Instead of hiring various professionals with varying expertise and skills, you can hire the specifically skilled professionals you require for each task and job. It ensures that the company’s development capabilities and skills are augmented and extended.

Enhanced Hiring Flexibility

When you can hire a skilled worker temporarily for development projects, you can complete them quickly and with plenty of opportunities to negotiate lower hiring costs. It ultimately saves both time and money.

Because an outsourcing team handles all the specific times of engagement or project, this eliminates all financial commitments for any regular employee. Outsourcing can thus help to reduce hiring costs.

Cost Reduction without Compromising Output

The skilled workforce increased through staff augmentation consultation services aids in the elimination of long-term and costly employee management and other commitments. When you need experienced personnel, you can simply hire them at your disposal. Staff augmentation can help you avoid all monetary commitments, future management, retention challenges, and other costs and efforts.


Businesses must have adequate resources and a large pool of talent at their disposal to ensure timely project completion. In the absence of a skilled professional, IT staff augmentation comes in handy to meet talent needs. Consider IT staff augmentation solutions when hiring permanent staff appears difficult or expensive for your organization. Staff augmentation in multiple forms ensures the availability of the best skills and expertise across various domains. You get the most experts at the lowest possible cost and with the fewest responsibilities.