announces superstar Diamond Platnumz as new brand ambassador will surprise you with the ideas Diamond Platnumz can bring into the sport betting holding

Parimatch: A Story Full of Warmth of Support

            Just imagine: a cozy evening, you are watching a match of your favorite football team and earning money at the same time. You think it’s a dream world? Probably, we will surprise you, but that is the reality. Nowadays there are many ways to work remotely. However there are much fewer opportunities for people to receive money for doing their favorite things.

            With Parimatch your dreams will come true. From Germany to the USA, from football to basketball — this sport betting company offers exactly what you need and even more. Parimatch is a team of like-minded people whose aim is to bring more happiness and success into this world.

            Our activities are to enable users and sport betting participants to achieve their goals. We will never stop improving ourselves.

            Shocking News — New Ambassador

            We have prepared a great surprise for you — our new Ambassador! All of us know it’s an event of extra importance. It means the changes, new ideas and inspiration are coming. Who is our Ambassador? Welcome Diamond Platnumz!

            Surprised? Intrigued? So are we! We can’t but wait for the moment to show you all the advantages Parimatch and our new Ambassador have prepared for our sports betting enthusiasts and potential users.

            We love our sport betting crew, but we aim to enlarge its borders. Diamond Platnumz will allow us to rediscover Africa once again! Tanzanian customers, please, be prepared for instant changes and incredible modernization of your lives!

            Parimatch supports traditions but prefers to adjust them to the current realities. People wish to get the newest, biggest and most popular things — Parimatch is able to offer that. With our coming presentation campaign, there will be almost no secrets left. We will present you how Parimatch can be beneficial.

            But there is a time and a place for everything. Our time will come really soon. Keep calm and be ready to meet the new Ambassador of Parimatch!

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