Smart TV Has Advantages That Make It Comfortable At Home

Relaxing in the room is the most fun while watching TV, especially now that there are smart TVs with various entertainment features. So, it can make you more comfortable to relax in your room while watching your favorite movie.

Smart TV in recent years has become the target of many people, especially for millennials and generation Z. Smart TV offers a viewing experience with several more modern features because it is connected to the internet. Actually, what are the advantages of smart TV? Let’s look together through the following article.

Lots of Entertainment

Smart TV stores a myriad of entertainment for you so that you can enjoy it even more, especially when you are connected to the internet. Ordinary TVs can only be used to watch local channels and several international channels.
Want to watch Netflix, HBO, Viu, Youtube, and other streaming platforms? Don’t worry, because you can watch everything. All you have to do is choose a movie from your favorite platform and sit back and relax while eating snacks.

Connected with Smartphone

One of the features of a smart TV, you can really use it to connect to a smart phone screen. You can move your cellphone screen to a smart TV for a bigger view. The advantage of this one can be done by utilizing the screen mirroring feature available on your gadget. The screen display will automatically move.

Can Use Google Assistant

Lazy to search for movies by typing manually? Just use your voice! With this smart TV you can use the Google Assistant feature. Just say “Hello Google!” or just call Alexa. The entertainment you want can immediately appear on your screen. Very easy, right?

Minimalist Elegant Design

The thin shape adds an elegant and minimalist impression. In appearance, smart TV is very beautiful, different from other types of TV. In addition, it also shows a modern impression on the screen display. That way, it can really be a double function as your entertainment and simple room decoration. Cool!

High Resolution

High resolution is one of the advantages of a smart TV that deserves thumbs up. You can watch or play games comfortably with full HD screen quality up to 4K.

Playing game

When you get together with friends, you are really allowed to try playing games with your friends via smart TV. It’s easy, all you have to do is download the games available on your smart TV or via a PC with an HDMI connection. The sensation is certainly different and more exciting, please! So it’s perfect for filling free time.

Playback feature

Most have been equipped with playback features. If you use this feature, you can easily re-watch broadcasts that you have missed. The broadcast will be saved on the decoder so you can watch it again.