Tests conducted by top organizations for hiring an employee



For the HR, it is not that easy task to hunt right profile from a number of available profiles for a particular job. There are various limitations, and the biggest among all is the time as the departments in the organizations asked for different types of profiles available to them. HR has to scrutinize the profiles and line up them for a personal interview, however, in an interview that lasts for a few minutes one cannot know the capabilities and talent of a candidate. At such a stage to find the desired skills one has to depend on different types of tests.

In this age when the computer knowledge is a must for almost all the employees, there are some jobs that ask for the high amount of knowledge in excel. Here one must note that the excel is a part of MS-Office package and one can complete a lot of tasks with the help of the same. The knowledge of excel can help one get a number of jobs easily where the information can be arranged and sorted out with the help of cells provided in the excel sheet.

Speaking in strictly technical terms, pre-employment tests are a standardized and completely objective method to gather valuable data about a candidate. They are conducted in interview processes to collect that information about an individual which are difficult to catch in an in-person interview. The sign of a well-constructed and efficient pre-employment exam is that it is efficient in analyzing various aspects of an individual which will make them fit for the job post. The main motive behind major companies seeking the help of these tests is to save time and other resources while getting the perfect candidate. If the right type of test is conducted, any organization will be able to detect the right person successfully.

Types of tests

There are numerous types of tests, but they all fall into three main categories:

  1. Aptitude test: This helps in determining the critical thinking and reasoning capabilities of an individual. Learning, digesting and applying new and old information is essential for the execution of all complicated and easy tasks. Companies do not look for a person who can solve simple problems, rather those who can solve complex issues are always in demand. A study conducted by a major social networking site for professionals, almost every employer looks for two qualities in their candidates- problem tackling skills and the ability to grasp information. The reason to carry out exams for analyzing the aptitude of a person is that only resumes and interviews are not sufficient to determine them. As a matter of fact,aptitude tests are two times efficient in hiring the right candidate.
  2. Personality test: This is becoming common among HR experts. Unfortunately, there are loads of misapprehensions about them. The biggest of all is that people can get the wrong answers during this test. The truth is, there can be no wrong answer for a particular question as the answer depends on an individual’s personality. Since personalities are different, not wrong, the answer one chooses also is not incorrect. Companies may look for certain answers,but they do not have the right to deem the othererroneous. Every personality test uses a framework consisting of the most sought-after traits. This framework is known as the “Five Factor Model” or the “Big Five.”
  3. Skill test:This is strictly used to know how much a person knows about the job at hand. The various tactics one should use, short-cuts and other details are known only to experts, who are selected through the pre-employment test. This test can vary from job to job. Those applying for data entry may have to appear for excel proficiency test while programmers have to sit for programming tests. Typing and basic computer skills are very common. The test will, in addition, pose tricky questions for the candidate and the right answer will earn them points. In the end, those securing more than the passing marks will be considered The most important parthere is to understand is that this test is based on the knowledge which a person has acquired over time and how well they know about the work they will be handed. To clear this exam, proficiency,and experience is very important.

Current scenario:

The importance of conducting pre-employment tests has grown incredibly in recent years. This is due to the growing demand for skilled workers and managers. The habit of changing companies and gathering experience in various fields adds to the necessity of this test. One must not forget that the depreciating economies around the world need experts to handle testing times, and these tests will sort the right candidate out of the applicants. Another thing to perceive is the rising number of applicants for every job profile. The unemployment rate has gone only upwards in the past decade,and every company wants an efficient way for successful hiring.Pre-employment tests have been left in saving a lot of time and other resources for their clients. The demand for the tests will keep on growing as the questions become professional and the applications keep on increasing.

One thing, which is irksome in this field, is the expectations of the employers. Many companies expect unreal results from their candidates and set high standards, even for novices who are looking to gain experience and skill from the job. This setback the goals of any firm, as even the promising candidates get knocked out. Employers should acknowledge assessment tests to be a part of the complete hiring procedure, not a central part of it. Each phase, from in-person interview to selection, will illuminate important points about a person and the person in charge of hiring should note them down. For example, good behavior will be evident from a face-to-face talk, out-of-the-box thinking will be apparent by having a healthy conversation with the concerned applicant. The test is conducted to simplify, organize and enhance the hiring process, not to supersede it.