SDWAN Technology Becomes a Comprehensive Solution to Protect Company Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks

What is the future of SD-WAN security? integration

SD-WAN technology is a trend in the industry for companies that require comprehensive information technology infrastructure support to protect the internal infrastructure of a company from various potential cyber-attacks.

So that many companies are looking to SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) technology for expansion and transformation of traditional WAN networks. The cause is due to several factors and challenges.

Many companies are adopting cloud services, including SaaS (Software as a Service) services, for example, for reasons of licensing, maintenance, and upgrade costs. Not to mention the increasing number of applications with large bandwidths such as media and video applications which are increasingly prevalent.

Meanwhile, a fast-growing company is also facing challenges in expanding its network to its new branch office. Companies are always encouraged to look for ways to manage the infrastructure that is more effective and efficient, while still ensuring service quality.

SD-WAN solutions are not limited to providing network infrastructure but also providing human resources and maintenance aspects.

SD-WAN offers many advantages over traditional WAN networks. Apart from being more suitable for Cloud applications and offering better performance for modern applications that demand better network quality, SD-WAN also promises easier network monitoring and management, as well as improved security aspects.

Teldat SD-WAN network products are comprehensive solutions that will not only provide network infrastructure, devices, human resources, monitoring, and maintenance, but can also secure the network because this solution is encrypted by default with IPsec, and is globally recognized.

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