How to recover iPhone stuck in DFU mode

How to recover iPhone stuck in DFU mode

The iPhone is a sophisticated device with a sophisticated centralized system too. However, all that can not prevent all iPhone devices from problems. There is always a possibility that the device has problems in the system and to overcome this, several methods are needed. iPhone crash is something that is difficult to avoid but not something that is impossible to overcome.

Your iPhone has the potential to be in “iPhone DFU mode” problem . Stuck in DFU mode can be caused by a variety of reasons, but are often characterized by a black screen. You may still be able to communicate with other devices but only to that extent. Inserting devices into DFU mode is usually done by people to help them jailbreak. But if it’s not done right, this can be a big problem.

A brief description of DFU mode

DFU mode is one of the iPhone recovery modes. There are at least three recovery modes available; standard iTunes recovery mode, Recovery mode and DFU mode. DFU mode is considered the strongest mode because it has great potential to permanently restore the iPhone. DFU stands for Default Firmware Update and this is Apple’s secret method.

Reasons why your device is trapped inside the DFU

Of course there are reasons for everything and the reasons why you are stuck in DFU mode are:

– You are using the wrong software
– You have a hardware problem
– Incomplete software updates
– Jailbreaking that doesn’t work as it should

For information, hardware problems are commonly associated with collisions or water. But whatever your problem is in DFU mode, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. In this article we will discuss what we can do.

Hard Reset

This is the simplest way. Hard Reset should be tried for the first try. Hold the sleep / wake button and the home button together for several seconds. Remove it if you see the Apple logo appear. And after that you have to turn on your device.

Use special software like dr.fone

There are other ways to overcome “getting stuck in DFU mode”. This is the easiest and most recommended way. By using special software such as dr.fone, you can solve your problems quickly. How to? Check out our explanation as follows:

dr.fone supports all iPhone models so this is very feasible to consider. Whatever your iPhone model; iPhone SE, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS … all can be restored. Do not worry! You only need a few minutes and all your problems are overcome. With dr.fone you can:

– Fix various problems related to iOS systems such as the white Apple logo, black screen, recovery mode, looping and so on.
– You can restore your device from DFU mode to normal mode without losing any of your data.
– Get a recovery tool that is very compatible with Windows 10, iOS 9.3 and Mac 10.11.

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1. You can start connecting your iPhone device to the computer. Use only the original USB cable because fake cables only interfere with your connection.
2. Open Wondershare (of dr.fone) and immediately go to “iOS System Recovery”. Click the icon and here you are assumed to have downloaded Wondershare.
3. Wondershare will detect and recognize your device. If your iOS version is an older one then you will be given the opportunity to download the latest one.
4. Once you have finished downloading the latest iOS version, you can improve the iOS process. This process usually runs for about five to 10 minutes. Once it’s finished you will exit DFU mode without losing any data.

Using iTunes

Before you use this method you must be sure that you don’t mind losing all data in your device. This is a recovery method that will send your device to factory settings. How? Keep reading …

1. Launch iTunes on your computer and make sure it has the latest version.
2. Connect your device to the computer with the original USB cable.
3. iTunes will notify you of the conditions in which your iPhone has crashed in DFU mode.
4. Press OK followed by clicking on “Restore iPhone”, the system will confirm and restore your iPhone.

Again, this method is not recommended if you still need your data. If you still need them, the second method is recommended.


Software like dr.fone is a real solution to restore your iPhone device without disturbing the existence of your data. You can find various recovery software on the market, but based on our years of experience, dr.fone is the best. Hopefully this article is able to provide information to you and for anyone who is experiencing serious problems on their iPhone. Thank you for the attention.