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People find their perfect Utopia in various ways. Music is one such source, it’s divine, it’s soothing and sometimes it’s just loud. We find our bliss in music, not only is it medically proven that it helps you calm down by lower your heart rate to a significant effect, but also helps you achieve that inner peace we always have been searching for.

Music is really a way of life, a way to connect to God itself for some. A simple two cords connecting together can for the most beautiful symphony ever, a work of art, and when it manages to hit a particular nerve within, it become a beautiful melody.

We have a natural tendency to switch to listening to music when upset it is almost a reflex action. It has the ability to touch our inner souls, cleanse them of wrongful sins, helps us rewind and get back up to face the world again.

Every music artist is a painter within himself, the Leonardo Da Vinci to his Mona Lisa, Michelangelo to his greatest masterpiece of the Renaissance era; the last judgment, Vincent Van Gogh’s the starry night. Every artist creates his music in a way that expresses him, it represents him and people around him, and he believes his audience will connect to it at a much deeper level, the connection when two lovers embrace each other in the most loving way ever.

How can Bloopul through spotify help growing artist?

The ’70s, 80’s, 90’s got us some of the most classic musicians there ever were, Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stone, U2, The Beatle’s, MD many more. All of them inspired a generation, one that would be molded to form the new generation of stars. Their music was soulful, it was filling in every way, it was genuinely original and from the heart.

Inspired by the past generation of stars, the musicians of today are always searching for a platform to promote themselves and have their voices heard, Spotify is one such platform and Bloopul forms the perfect launching base for Through spotify playlist promotion on Bloopul every artist can have his voice heard by more than 750000 people worldwide who have subscribed to their Spotify playlist. Imagine the kind of exposure your music will get through targeted marketing by placing your music in the right genre. Bloopul follows a simple four-step procedure; submitting your track and selecting the subscription to best suit your promotional needs, it is then reviewed by on the experts to ensure which genre/playlist it best fits, within a day the music is put up on the playlist, and you get the rewards by having your music streamed by a large number of people.

Bloopul provides for placement of music in the five biggest genres, email support and live chat for best spotify playlist promotion. It offers packages based on varying follower playlist and estimated streams per week. A £32 / week offering a follower playlist of 5 – 10k and 1000 – 3000 streams per week, £59 / week offering a follower playlist of 10 – 25k and 3000 – 6000 streams per week, £98 / week offering a follower playlist of 25 – 50k and 6000 – 12000 streams per week.