Sophistication from the Canon 1D-X Digital Camera

Another new camera made by Canon that will add to the collection of the world of photography. This Canon EOS-1D X digital camera is a high-tech camera that can be used for journalistic and studio photography needs. Why? Because the specifications of the Canon EOS-1D X digital camera are a combination of two types of cameras that have been separated by Canon since 2002, namely 1D for journalism because it is responsive and high-speed, while 1Ds is for high-resolution studio photographers. Canon’s largest camera company has always issued the most sophisticated and best cameras on the market. This camera with a single digit code is the highest class camera among other Canon EOS camera lines. So it is undeniable that the presence of this camera has taken a lot of attention from photographers or photography lovers.

Many interesting things from this Canon camera, one of which is the new 18.1 MP Full Frame sensor so that users will get high-speed and high-resolution shooting results. The amazing results from the specifications of the Canon EOS-1D X digital camera are also due to good noise handling and Dynamic Range so that the quality is not inferior to cameras that install higher resolutions. You can see the sharpness of the image from the shots of this camera. This stunning image result is the main attraction of this camera.


Physically, this camera is not much different from the 1D Mark IV as a professional camera or the 1Ds Mark III, it’s just that Canon added 2 mini Joysticks. This added button is to distinguish between horizontal or vertical capture of objects. Another advantage can be seen from the problem that Canon digital camera users often complain about, namely Front Focus. In this camera Canon made improvements so that the product is very responsive but still Spot-On. The proof, after being tested by photographers in different lighting conditions, still displays fantastic results.

Shooting Speed

Another reason why you should look at this Canon digital camera is because it can shoot up to 14 frames per second in a row. Very fast isn’t it? This sophistication is very useful for those of you who want to capture an important moment or spot photographers. In addition, the Shutter sound is also very solid which reinforces the sophistication of the technology carried by this product. Canon always pays attention to advanced technology that will be embedded in its cameras so that advanced features can be presented on this flagship camera.

For studio photographers, this camera is quite helpful because it produces a more natural reproduction of skin tones, even better than the 5D Mark III. The advantage is that you can take indoor and outdoor shooting with maximum results, unlike the first camera which divides the type for the room and the outdoors. If you want to change the file in JPEG after editing, the quality of the colors displayed is still attractive. As a result, uploading images on the internet can be done fast but good. This is the result of the work of the new sensor used by the Canon digital camera.


The features in this camera can be said to be complete and properly placed so that users are comfortable when taking pictures. The arrangement of components in the menu is also easy to learn or not “complicated”. Canon has also added an In-Camera Editing feature that allows users to edit images directly from the camera. Although the camera’s editing capabilities are still below the Nikon D4 because it only provides the opportunity to change Saturation, Contrast, and Exposure only.


If in the paragraph above we talked about the capabilities of the Canon EOS-1D X digital camera for studio photos, now is the time to turn to the capabilities of this camera in the field of journalism. Cinematographers can use the EOS-1D X to shoot videos. The results are quite comprehensive for the journalism class even though the AF capability is slower than for recording photos. Maybe because this camera is focused on photography so that the video device is only a complement.